2018-2019 Annual Membership - Family

  • 2018-2019 Annual Membership - Family

2018-2019 Annual Membership - Family

Annual Subscription Donation



Annual subscription membership for family members residing in the same household.

Second Alarmer's responds to all 911 calls for help regardless of whether or not the patient is a subscribing member. As with most healthcare providers, Second Alarmer's does have a fee for service, which varies depending on the level of services provided and the distance the patient is transported.

Second Alarmer's billing staff will submit claims to health insurance, auto insurance, and workman's compensation insurance on behalf of the patient when appropriate and will do their best to assist patients in having these fees covered by insurance. That being said it is common for patients to have at least a portion of these fees fall to be their responsibility. If the patient is a subscribing member, Second Alarmers will waive any out of pocket expenses after insurance has been exhausted.*

Now through September 20th, Willow Grove Charities will match all donations over and above your subscription fee dollar for dollar**. Please consider selecting an additional amount when donating either by picking a pre-set amount or by going back and also adding the "other donation" to your cart and setting the quantity to reflect the amount you wish to give.

*Membership must be active for at least 48 hours prior to the time that service is provided in order for out of pocket expenses to be waived.

** Up to $15,000.00 total