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In today's healthcare system, fees for 911 ambulance service can be quite pricey.  Second Alarmer's average fee for service is currently $1,960.  If you have insurance, we will submit a claim to them first, but ultimately the patient will be responsible for any amounts that are not covered by insurance.  Even when an insurance plan covers ambulance service, patients often have a co-payment or deductible that they are expected to pay "out-of-pocket."

By subscribing to our membership campaign at the appropriate level, you will become a contributing member.  We hope you will never need our services but in the event that you do, we will waive any out-of-pocket expenses as a courtesy for our contributing members.  We will still bill your insurance and may require your assistance in getting your insurance company to process and pay your claim, but you will not have any out-of-pocket cost.

Memberships become effective 48 hours after you subscribe and are good through June 30th of the following year.


Please click the "Subscribe Now" button below to be taken to our new online membership program.

With this new system your online subscription will be processed directly into our membership list and you will receive a receipt and membership card by email right away.

The new system should be easy to use, but if you have any problems please call us at 215-659-1885 and press option #3.

  • On the first screen you will update or enter your membership information.

  • On the second screen you will select your membership level.

  • Finally you will enter payment information for secure processing.

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