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There are times it is necessary for a community organization, school, or business to request that an ambulance be staged at the site of a special event. It has always been the policy of Second Alarmer’s Rescue Squad (SARS) to provide this service without reservation. However, it has become increasingly more expensive to provide this service without compensation. On average, the cost for an ambulance to leave the station alone is in the area of $510. This includes personnel, training, equipment, fuel and insurance. To help better understand the services we provide, please read the definitions below.  If you are already familiar with the types of services, you may continue on to our estimated fees.  Following the fees, you will find the procedure for filling out the request forms.



The “Emergency Medical Services (EMS)” is a network of resources coordinated to provide out-of-hospital acute medical care and transportation of patients to definitive care by personnel certified by the Department of Health as EMS Providers including Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and Paramedics. These EMS Providers are trained in the stabilization, transportation, and advanced treatment of traumatic or medical emergencies.


A “Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance/Crew” is staffed with two EMTs and are capable of treating and transporting patients experiencing emergencies from pain and injuries, weakness, fevers, nausea, or vomiting.


An “Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance/Crew” is staffed with at least one Paramedic and are capable of treating and transporting patients experiencing emergencies from fainting, seizures, diabetic, cardiac or respiratory problems.


An “EMS Special Event Response Team (SERT)” is a group of EMS Providers equipped with medical equipment on specially designed bicycles and small vehicles that are able to maneuver between small areas and large crowds to provide medical assistance. SERTs work in pairs and can be BLS or ALS but are not able to transport patients. SERTs are highly effective in responding very quickly to emergencies and providing emergency care until an ambulance arrives to transport the patient and are recommended for any event where the coverage area or the attendance is expected to be so large that it would be difficult to operate an ambulance independently.

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With MORE than 30 days notice in writing: $345
With LESS than 30 days notice in writing: $455 
Each additional hour: $115


With MORE than 30 days notice in writing: $455
With LESS than 30 days notice in writing: $565 
Each additional hour: $150

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  1. Download and complete the appropriate Detail Request Form, below. Then, read the Terms & Conditions and acknowledge by handwritten or digital signature at the bottom of the form.

  2. Submit completed Detail Request Forms to SARS by emailing digital and printed/scanned forms to (preferred), faxing forms to 215.659.3177, or mailing forms to P.O. Box 90 Willow Grove, PA 19090, with the Subject: “Detail Request Form Submission.”

  3. Upon receipt, SARS will contact the requester to acknowledge receipt and provide a quote for services.

  4. Once an appropriate level of EMS support service is determined and approved, SARS will provide an invoice for services and payment in full is expected before the day of the event.

  5. Detail Request Forms must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the event in order to guarantee your request. If not received within the above time frame, requests can not be guaranteed. However, SARS will continue to attempt to meet the requested services or an appropriate alternative before consulting the requester about other options.

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A “Stand-by Detail” is any event where EMS Support is requested to be dedicated on-site, respond to, and care for emergencies such as sporting events, graduation ceremonies, 5K run/walks, car shows, parades, fireworks, or any other public event or activity. If you are interested in having SARS provide EMS Support dedicated to your event, please complete the “Stand-By Detail Request Form.”


A “Public Relations Detail” is any community event where an ambulance and/or EMS Providers are requested for display, educational, and/or informative purposes ONLY. These crews can provide ambulance tours, literature, information, and answer questions about EMS, the services SARS provides, the equipment used, skills needed, and opportunities to volunteer and join SARS as a member. SARS is committed to being participatory members in the communities we serve and although Public Relations Details are typically provided to the community free of charge. However, there are still costs associated which SARS must undertake. Donations to the organization are not required but are always greatly appreciated. If you are interested in having SARS provide an ambulance and/or EMS Providers at your event, please complete the “Public Relations Detail Request Form”.

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Events that wish relief from charges for Stand-by Details may submit a written request to Second Alarmer’s Rescue Squad at PO Box 90, Willow Grove PA 19090. When making such requests, please be mindful that SARS is a non-profit organization that is funded differently than area fire and police departments and must operate with sound financial decision making when it comes to scheduling personnel and resources. Requests for event fee waiver for non-profit sponsored events is not enough merit on its own.

If your event is happening outside of our primary response area, please contact your local EMS service before requesting our services.

Please contact us by phone at 215.659.1885 or by email at with any questions.

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